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Welcome to the CatFlap project


  • Version 0.95-beta released:
    • Added day mode (#6)
    • Added serial mode change (#7)

Watch out!

  • Yoja reported that the newer hardware-revision of the PetPorte SmartFlap PCB does not work with the Firmware! (See this topic). More...
  • This firmware is still under development/testing: With some chips the recognition distance is not as far as with the original firmware, some chips are not detected at all!

This project is about developing a new firmware for a PetPorte SmartFlap, which will send information to a PC via a serial interface.

Attention: Once changes are made to the cat flap, there is no turning back, the old software can not be recovered. Also you void the warranty.

Attention: I take no liability for damages caused by the modification of the cat flap.