Download binary on MCU with PICkit 2

Before programming, make sure you have the right hardware revision.

  1. Download hex file
  2. Disconnect flap from the power
  3. Connect PICkit 2 to flap with the ISP adapter cable
    Watch the polarity!
  4. Start the PICkit 2 software
  5. Click "File->Import Hex...", select the downloaded hex file
  6. Maybe the "VDD On" checkbox has to be checked
  7. If you flash the first time, check the "Enabled" checkboxes of "Program Memory" and "EEPROM Data".
    If you flash a new version or the same version again disable the "Enabled" checkbox of "EEPROM Data" to keep the settings of the flap (cat id's, brightness level, open time, ...)
  8. Click on "Write"
  9. Disconnect PICkit 2
  10. Reconnect flap to the power


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