Download and compile firmware

The source code can be downloaded from the (svn) repository at "trunk" is the current developement version, "tags" contains the released versions.
To compile the source code you need the HITECH-C-Compiler included with the Microchip MPLAB Starter-Kit. The SVN-Repository contains a MPLAB project file.

The compiler version should be 9.80, problems with other version have been reported. With newer compilers you can try the macro _LEGACY_HEADERS.

The file peripherals.h has a setting called HAS_FLAP_POTI. This setting can either be defined or undefined. If your cat flap is unmodified, the setting has to be "#undef HAS_FLAP_POTI". If the flap has a poti, "#define HAS_FLAP_POTI 1" has to be used.
Attention: If this is defined wrong, the MCU may be damaged!

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